Best Cuisines of Asia

It’s no wonder that Asian cuisine continues to have a profound effect on the world’s cuisine. As diverse as Asia’s cultures are, so are its culinary traditions. Asia is the perfect destination for foodies and travelers who want to experience the cuisine culture. The following is a list of the top cuisines of Asia that you must taste if you’re planning a trip to the most visited Asian nations.

  • Sweet and Sour Pork: Dishes from China’s traditional cuisine are recognized for their delicious flavor, fragrance, and appearance. Dumplings and Wontons are among the most popular Chinese meals. Sweet and Sour Pork, on the other hand, is a worldwide favorite. In China, a dish of cubed pork cooked in a sweet, soy-based sauce and topped with hot herbs is a must-try.
  • Roasted Goose: Roasted goose is one of the most popular cuisines in Asia and widely consumed meals. Roasted whole geese are chopped into pieces and served with plum sauce. Tourists and locals alike love this meal. With every taste, you can’t get enough of the flavor.
  • Stir-Fried Udon noodle with black pepper sauce:Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle that is widely used in Japanese cuisine, especially in soups. Served in a delightful black pepper sauce, this mouthwatering dish is bursting with bell peppers, mock duck, and other mouthwatering components. This is a wonderful dish for a little dinner party because it’s filling and tasty.
  • Asian Sesame Chicken Salad: This chicken salad would become your best companion. It’s delicious, nutritious, and wonderful. In terms of lean protein, chicken is one of the best cuisines in Asia. Protein promotes satiety, which in turn inhibits overeating. This ultimately assists in weight reduction.
  • Diced Chicken in Black Bean Sauce: Show your support for chicken lovers by raising your hand! This spicy chicken dish is a favorite of so many. Just serve it on a bed of egg-fried rice or noodles.
  • Chilli Chicken: Skip the take-out and enjoy this boneless chili chicken at home instead. Whether you serve it with fried rice or eat it on its own, this spicy and delicious meal is sure to amaze.
  • Vegetarian Khow Suey: Sprinkle fried garlic, onion, peanuts, and everything else on top of this one-pot feast. In no time at all, this Burmese delicacy will be overflowing with genuine tastes, especially to a generous squeeze of lime!
  • Ramen: When Chinese cooks mixed noodles with a salty broth, ramen was born in Japan around 1910. The dough was kneaded using a sodium carbonate-infused mineral water called kansui, which gave the noodles a bright yellow hue and made them more elastic than the Japanese noodles of the period. In 1958, Nissin Foods created the first instant form of noodles with a chicken-flavored broth named Chicken Ramen, which took its name from the Chinese term lamian (pulled noodles). It is one of the best dishes to try in Asia. 
  • Manti: Meat dumplings, or Manti, are a classic Turkish dish made with seasoned ground beef and onions. Dumplings are usually served with yogurt and garlic sauce. In the 13th century, nomadic Turkish tribes introduced dumplings from Central Asia to Turkey and gave the meal its name. Now that they’ve gained popularity in Turkey, manti dumplings are also popular in Armenian, Afghan, and Central Asian cuisine. Manti has become a top travel food in Asia. 
  • Dim Sum: Food presented in bite-sized portions; dim sum is typically served with tea. Desserts can include everything from savory dumplings to sweet puddings and pies. Chinese monarchs’ hearts were said to be touched by the invention of dim sum hundreds of years ago, according to mythology, by royal court cooks (but not to fully satiate their hunger).
  • Tonkotsu ramen: This ramen type is characterized by a thick, rich pork broth, fresh noodles, soft-yolk eggs, and a meltingly delicate pork belly. Since it’s so popular and unique, it might stand on its own as a separate cuisine. Toppings for the ramen generally include bright scallions, crispy bamboo shoots, nori seaweed for crispness, and sweet corn for even more taste. To create the rich broth, the pig bones are simmered for a very long period, until the collagen and fat disintegrate, giving the dish its distinctive, creamy texture.
  • Tikka: Indian tikka consists of boneless meat, generally chicken, that is chopped into small pieces and marinated in yogurt and traditional Indian spices including turmeric, cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper, chile, garlic, and ginger. Tandoors are cylindrical clay ovens traditionally used to cook meat over charcoal.
  • Masala Dosa: Popular across all of India, masala dosa is a typical south Indian meal prepared with a batter of cooked rice and lentils. It’s generally filled with potatoes or onions and mustard seeds. In addition to shredded coconut and minced coriander, the dish is typically garnished with them. Many variants of this dish have emerged due to its popularity, including Mysore masala dosa (a type of rice pancake) as well as onion and paper masala dosa (another type of flatbread pancake). Consumed as part of any meal or as a fast snack.
  • Bal kaymak: This classic Turkish breakfast dish has honey-drenched kaymak, which is made from water buffalo milk and is comparable to whipped cream. To accompany tea or a variety of traditional breakfast meals, the dish may be served as a spread or a sweet dip with bread. If it’s ever served as a dessert, ground, chopped, or whole walnuts are often decorated.
  • Panipuri: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal are among the countries where panipuri is a very popular street food. This dish is made up of a crispy fried hollow puri packed with potatoes, onions, spicy chilies, and chickpeas. This food is known as golgappa in North India, where gold refers to the crispy shell and Gappa refers to the eating process, as these little snacks are generally consumed one at a time. They say it began in Uttar Pradesh and slowly spread throughout the country and beyond.

So, if you are searching for a culinary experience, these Asian nations are the finest places to visit and fulfill your taste senses. In Asia, you will find some of the world’s greatest foodie cities. What are your favorite culinary cities? Let us know if you’ve been to any of the following cities or think there’s one I’ve missed out on. Would love to add more and help other gourmet travelers with this list!

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