Top 10 Things To Do In Malaysia

Looking for a decent and everlasting happy vacation? Here’s Malaysia for you. Located in the Malay Peninsula, it is surrounded by tropical islands, modern captives, stylish restaurants, and an attractive street regime as well. Bounded with the capital KUALA LUMPUR, it is one of the UNESCO world heritage which calls for exciting tourist and enthralling tourism. Let us look at the most visited places as below:

Enjoy the breathtaking view at Petronas Tower!

One of the awe somatic views from the sky bridge where everything is incredibly beautiful looking at the 88 story towers that reach 452 cm into the airside. It has got some kids chilling spots like a jogging track, walking areas, water fountain and a water pool. Apart from the mall and park, twin towers have other attractions including the Art gallery and Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. One of the newly constructed Petronias Science centres is set inside the premises to view the latest science events and news. READY to view the inset of the tower?

Head on for a peaceful visit to the beautiful Batu Caves

One of the most frequently visited tourist attractions consists of three caves and one small one which has idols and statues standing inside the main caves. Cathedral cave is one among them which honours several Hindu idols beneath its 100-meter-high ceiling. Also, we can check out the Art Gallery and Museum cave which will bring back our cultural paintings and statues. One of the important festivals of Hindu’s is the Thaipusam which attracts thousands of visitors and devotees here. It is celebrated at the end of January month where the idol procession begins in the evening at the famous temple. Interested to witness the cultural differences? Do not miss out to visit this place at the mentioned time.

Get Thrilled at the Panorama Langkawi Skycap

Located on the southwest coast of Langkawi island, it is one of the spectacular cable car rides due to mouth dropping backdrop of the 450-million-year-old Machicang mountain range. There are three stations – Base station, Middle station and a top station where one can experience the overall panoramic view. One of these stations contains a small café selling drinks and snacks. One best thing in this place is there are a small gift shop and a post office counter where we can buy and write postcards and have them especially stamped for our loved ones. Exciting isn’t it?

Chill yourself at Penang National Park

One of the smallest yet beach-friendly park which is home to a variety of monkeys, leopards, cats, amphibians, and abundant birds. There are fun-filled activities such as jungle walks and boat riding to golden beaches as well. An easiest 15-minute walk to the Sungai Tukun, where you can find a small pool of water to have a small photoshoot. When you get to walk a short distance, you can find a Canopy Walkway that is mostly surrounded by trees and we need to have a registration receipt before we reach there. READY for a photoshoot?

Dive into the Underwater universe at Sipadan Island, Sabah

Want to relive your fond memories, then this is the right place for you. There is enormous marine life as it attracts the chill climate and beauty of nature as well. It has the most varieties of flora and fauna in the world. There are twelve diving locations out of which popular ones are Turtle Cavern, Barracuda Point, South Point and Hanging Gardens. Make sure you have a permit well in advance. Kids will enjoy the dive boat safaris and snorkelling. Ready, Set, Go!

Enjoy your “Solidarity” at Manukan Island

One of the tropical paradises covered by green jungle and surrounded by sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. This island is one of the first marine national parks. Kids would love to enjoy this place for all the outdoor activities and adults will never fail to have a healthy family get together. The famous Sutera Sanctuary resort will keep us awestruck with its hillside views towards the sea and the favourite water sports are a hit here. Ready to try these?

Revive the ancient culture Heritage at Sarawak Museum

Situated in the mythical mount foothills, it is one of the promising museums in Malaysia which exhibits the culture of Sarawak. It also shows the costumes, handicrafts, lifestyle, and way of living that fills tourists head. One can witness the cultural performance and international events like water/ music festival. Why wait to visit this place?

Go for a family or peer – trek at Mt. Kinabalu

One of the tourist’s goals is to visit this place and go for a trek in the 3800 meters as this is a heartthrob location for all the adventure lovers. One can witness the sunrise from the peak and a good spot for photography too. There is an assisted trek trainer as well to help the tourist with this activity. Want to go for a trek? Pack your pack bag and get ready.

Enjoy the scuba diving at Sipadan Island

One of the most beautiful diving spots in the world and the only oceanic island in Malaysia. This is also called the fishing village which mainly serves as a gate to Sipadan and other great scuba spots as well. Make sure you have the diving permit to enjoy this new experience. The fish restaurants here offer awesome seafood. The best place to visit this place is between May and June where turtles lay their eggs and one can have a joyful diving state. The resorts near this island are pretty expensive so its better to book rooms in advance

Enjoy the most scrumptious food at Jalan Alor

A famous food street in Malaysia that provides a variety of food on the streets of Jalan Alor is worth eating. One can enjoy this as much as they want and the favourite food among them are grilled chicken wings, chilli crabs, Assam laksa and also local plates of seafood as well. Willing to empty your pockets?

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